Frequently Asked Questions
What's an MRE Bus?
An MRE (Model Railway Electroincs) Bus is a propriety interface between modules. 
This interface is used to pass information about Signals, Points, Detectors, etc
to other modules.
The Bus consists of two wires connected between two or more modules.
These wires MUST NOT be connected to any other device.
How do these Controllers Work?
All our controllers have an onboard micro computer.
This micro computer has our software loaded into at time of manufacture.
The software receives information from Point Positions, Train Detectors, Other
controllers and timers. The software uses this information to set the state of the signals
it controls. Information about the state of these signals is passed to other modules on
on an MRE-Bus.
I can't get my Controller to work?
There could be a number of reasons why your controller fails to work correctly.
For this reason we have write some test sheets for each type of controller.
Download the sheet for your controller type and follow the test flow.
Download Module Test Sheets here
If you require further help please Email our support team Support
Why do I need another Power Supply Unit?
All of our modules have an in-built micro computer. This micro computer
requires a very "clean" +5 Volt Power Supply to operate
correctly. Most Model Railway Power Supplies are to
noisey and can cause incorrect operation of the
modules. For this reason we sell a range of tested power
supply units to power our modules.
Further Information on our PSU page.
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