Welcome to Model Railway Electronics

Welcome to Model Railway Electronics, makers of the Modelec colour light and semaphore signal control system. 
Modelec is based on a state-of-the-art microprocessor platform characterized by its flexibility, low cost of 
ownership, high capacity and excellent in-service performance. These characteristics have enabled us to  
produce low cost, reliable yet sophisticated devices which allows the modeller to have signals which operate 
just like the real thing. 
The system is modular and can be built up to run any number of signals. There is a number of standard  
modules, each of which controls two signals and there are custom modules which are designed for specific 
layouts. Together, these modules provide a fully automated signalling system leaving the operator to 
concentrate on the running of the trains. 
To complement the signal control modules, there is a range of auxiliary units for train detection and point 
monitoring etc. 
We will be happy to provide assistance free of charge in the design of the system to meet customers' 
individual requirements. 
28-Aug-2016 Platform Indicators
Our new range of Platform Indicators is launched.
Display the destination platform on your layout. Click Here!
30-Oct-2012 Simple Train Shuttle
The first of our new range of train shuttles is launched.
Simple unit to move a train back and forth. Click Here!
24-Oct-2012 Enhanced Level Crossing Controller
The lastest release (R2.0.1) of our Enhanced Level Crossing module is launched.
New hardware platform and module configuration by the customer. Click Here!
31-Mar-2012 DCC Automatic Braking Control
Our new DCC Automatic Braking Control (ABC) Module is launched.
Allowing Slow Start/Stoping at signals, Station Platforms, etc. Click Here!
16-Jun-2008 Electronic Point Switch Module
Our new Electronic Point Switch is launched, Remove the need for Point Mounted Switches. Click Here!
13-Oct-2006 Electronic Train Detection Modules
See our range of new train detection modules, LDR & Infra-Red Click Here!
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