How to Order
Step One
If you know the items that you need, go to step 2. However, we recommend that you take advantage of our free design and quotation service. To do this, prepare a sketch of your layout showing clearly the location of all signals which should be numbered. List the signals separately and on the list against the relevant number show the type of signal (e.g. 4 aspect with Left route indicator), make of signal (e.g. Eckon) and any other information such as wrong line / bi-directional working which might affect the design. Your name, address and daytime telephone number is essential. 
Send the information to:- 
Model Railway Electronics 
27 Hillcrest Road 
GU15 1LF. 
or by email to 
We will then design the system and forward a quotation, broken down into phases if required. 

Step two
Order Online here or Complete an order form and return with a cheque made payable to Model Railway Electronics Ltd to the postal address above.

Step three
Despatch of orders will be made as soon as possible and will depend on the number of orders to hand at the time of order. We will inform you by telephone if delivery is anticipated to be longer than three weeks. Full wire by wire installation instructions accompany all of our products.

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