Miscellaneous Controllers
Enhanced Level Crossing Lights Controller (Part Number 090-005)
This controller detects trains approaching and leaving a level crossing either via a
train detection module (Not Suppiled) or via a switched input. 
Information on train detection modules can be found here (Train Detectors) 
On the example layout above Train Detectors 1 & 4 and 2 & 3 can be connected 
together allowing one crossing module to control a double crossing. 
When a train is detected approaching the crossing the light sequence is activated. 
First the amber LED is illuminated (Duration Configurable, see below) and then the
two red LED's are flashed alternately at a rate of 1Hz or 2Hz.  
When the Red LEDs start flashing alternately the barrier delay timer is also started. 
At the expiry of the barrier delay timer the Crossing Barrier output is activated (Active Low). 
When the controller detects the train leaving the crossing the sequence is stopped.  
Configuration Items Values 
Configuration Item
Option One
Option Two
Option Three
Option Four
Input Mode
Pulsed Input
Constant Input
Amber LED Duration
One Second
Two Seconds
Three Seconds
Four Seconds
Red LED Duration
Total Run Time
30 Seconds
1 Minute
2 Minutes
3 Minutes
Barrier Delay Duration
No Delay
1 Second
2 Seconds
3 Seconds
Cells highlighted in Green are the default configuration, no changes required. 
Input Voltage (Information on standard PSUs here)
Number of Amber LED Outputs
Number of Red LED Outputs
LED Output Voltage
Max LED Output Current
Crossing Barrier Output
Active low (0V)
Signal Hold Output
Active high (+5V)
Current Hardware Revision
Current Software Release
Size in mm (Length x Width x Height)
110 x 60 x 15
This can be ordered as either a single module or part of the Crossing Starter Kit. 
The starter kit has all the parts to control the barrer and lights on one crossing. 
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