Miscellaneous Controllers
Standard Level Crossing Light Controller
This controller detects trains approaching and leaving a level crossing. 
When a train is detected approaching the crossing the light sequence is activated.  MRE-090-001

Electronic Point Indicator
This module removes the need for point switches on each 
point motor. Most of our modules require an input from a 
point switch to correctly set the signals it controls based on the current point position. This module contains five 
electronic point switches.  MRE-090-002

Relay Driver
This controller has two relays in-built to operate two point motors. 
This is used in conjunction with a custom module to operate 
points for automatic route setting.  MRE-090-003
Enhanced Level Crossing Controller
This controller provides all the features of the Standard Level 
Crossing Controller plus the added feature of controlling the Crossing Barriers via servo motors and the servo driver
module (030-100). Further information on the crossing controller can be found here MRE-090-005
Servo Motor
This is standard Servo Motor for use with the Semaphore
Signal Control or either of the Level Crossing Controllers.  MRE-090-008

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